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Bullish Closing Marubozu

A Bullish Closing Marubozu is a candlestick pattern that signals strong bullish sentiment in the market. It is characterized by a long green or white body with no upper or lower shadow, indicating sustained buying pressure throughout the day.

Bullish Closing Marubozu

The main character is a green body with no shadow at the top.

The open price of the candlestick is typically near the low of the day, while the close is near the high of the day. This pattern indicates strong bullish sentiment and suggests that the buying pressure has been sustained throughout the day.

Bullish Closing Marubozu example

Let’s see the chart for this pattern.

Bullish Closing Marubozu is a rare pattern and may not occur frequently in the market. Traders often consider this pattern as a sign of a strong uptrend and may consider entering or adding to long positions.

Disclaimer: All comapny chart are used only for learing purpose. There is no buy and sell recommandtion. All Technical analyst are learing purpose only.

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