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Concealing Baby Swallow Candlestick Pattern

The concealing Baby Swallow Candlestick Pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that consists of four candles. This pattern occurs after a downtrend and signals a possible reversal to an uptrend.

Concealing Baby Swallow

In the first two days of the signal, two Black Marubozus demonstrate the continuation of the downtrend. On the third day, the Inverted Hammer illustrates that the downtrend is losing steam. It gaps down from the previous day’s close.

The fourth candle is a long white (bullish) candle that closes above the previous three candles’ highs, signaling the start of a potential uptrend.

Concealing Baby Swallow Candlestick example

Here are the charts for this Pattern. This pattern is very rare occurrence on a candlestick chart.

This candlestick pattern is named “Concealing Baby Swallow” because the second and third candles “conceal” the first candle’s bearish trend, and the fourth candle’s bullish trend “swallows” the previous candles’ price action.

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Disclaimer: All comapny chart are used only for learing purpose. There is no buy and sell recommandtion. All Technical analyst are learing purpose only.

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